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Our work staff here at BuckeyeNet is small but, very efficient. We are down to earth people who know most of our users on a first name basis. It's nice to come to work and get to see familiar faces every day. Lancaster for the most part is a very friendly town where loyalty means something. We do our best here at our office to make and keep everyone happy. When we've shown people our equipment and work environment they are amazed at all that goes on in the background when you are surfing the WWW. Myself (John) the owner I work very hard at making sure our equipment, software and facilities are up to speed. I personally started this company because I got tired of calling other local ISPs and getting some young kid telling me pretty much that I was an idiot and it was my fault because I couldn't connect to the Internet or couldn't move around. Well those companies just think, BuckeyeNet wouldn't be competing against you right now if you would have been nicer to one of your former web users.

You will not catch myself or our staff bad mouthing others ISPs. To us it's a waste of time. If we are so interested in what other ISP's are doing then we aren't taking care of you the user. Of course we are biased and think that our service is the best but come on can you blame us? The truth is, we have allot of respect for the ISP owners who have been around since the beginning. To you guys, our hats are off to you. This is a rough and very competitive business. User computers and the servers we run get goofy at times and do crazy things. We've all been through the late night of arguing with the telephone companies when they say "the problem is with your equipment" and we know that there is nothing wrong with our equipment. But we will say this, business is business and good luck.

To the users of BuckeyeNet, thank you for your business, your support, and most of all for your loyalty to the small local business fighting against the Big Boys.

Below are some of the pictures of us during upgrades, day to day life etc... enjoy!

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